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     Learn to Trade FOREX
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As with anything else new and unfamiliar, the Forex market can seem complex and daunting to novice investors. But, like other financial markets, Forex is traded with recognizable patterns and clearly-defined technical applications, all of which can be learned.

Learn to Trade Forex is a comprehensive, online training program designed to teach investors how to:

  • Understand currency quoting and the factors that drive individual currency movements
  • Read and analyze currency charts using advanced technical tools
  • Recognize and capitalize on market trends
  • Effectively utilize the leverage available in forex trading*
  • Manage risk and protect open positions using stop loss and other order types**
  • Anticipate and react to major economic events impacting global currencies
  • Employ sound money management techniques in an attempt to maximize gains and keep losses to a minimum

* Increasing leverage increases risk.
** Placing contingent orders may not necessarily limit your losses.

Developed by GAIN Capital Group, Learn to Trade Forex shares the considerable expertise of GAIN's senior traders and market analysts in one package.

Learn to Trade FOREX

Study at your own pace. Learn key forex concepts via seven web-based lessons. Plus, put your knowledge to the test with access to a $50,000 risk free practice account.

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Combines all the flexibility of an online course, plus interactive tools, and video.

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    Learn To Trade FOREX
    Learn To Trade FOREX II

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Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Read full disclosure.